Get Connected!

Whether you’re new to Gateway or have been coming for years, these are the top three ways you can feel more connected!

#1. Join a Small Group

One of the best ways to grow as a Christian is to meet regularly with other Christians – outside of the weekly Sunday morning worship services. As part of a small group of believers, it’s easier to dive deeper into topics that interest you, stronger relationships are forged, and accountability becomes available to help you become the person you’re called to be.

#2. Serve in a specific ministry

Serving at Gateway doesn’t just fill a need, it gets you connected to people with similar skill-sets and personality types. The church has many needs and is dependent on the commitment of volunteers, but you also have needs and God designed you to with incredible skills and personality traits that are unique to you. We have age specific ministries for children, teenagers, young adults, and seniors. We have women’s groups and men’s groups. We have a tech ministry perfect for electronically-minded people. We have music teams, drama groups, cooking and hospitality ministries. We have prayer groups, short and long term world missions, facility stewardship crews, and a much used library with all sorts of Christian resources.

#3. Come early, leave late, enjoy the free drinks and start a conversation!

Haven’t met anybody new in a while? Go say hi to someone before or after the church service on Sundays. Offer to make someone a drink or invite some people out for lunch. Don’t know where to start? The teaching pastor always hangs around afterward, go say hi and ask them a question or simply thank them for the sermon you just heard!